Twelfth Wallasey Scout Group

There are three very active sections at the 12th Wallasey Scout Group. New members of the Group will join as either a Beaver, a Cub or a Scout:


Girls & Boys aged 6 8

With Hawkeye & Sunshine

every Monday 6:15 7:15


Girls & Boys aged 8 101⁄2

With Akela

every Monday 6:00 7:30


Girls & Boys aged 101⁄2 14

With Skip & Lynne

every Monday 7:30 9:00

Please call into Church on a Monday evening for further information.  Also check out the  Scout Group website at

History of the 12th Wallasey Scout Group

The Group, originally formed in 1921, was at the time known as the 9th Wallasey when after World War II it changed to become the 12th Wallasey.  The Group has always had a grey neckerchief with the purple band being added in the year 2000 to celebrate the Millennium.   The Group also has a unique badge awarded to all members after spending their first night away, whether they are a Beaver, Cub, Scout or Leader.  This badge is called the Julian Arthur Badge and is worn to commemorate the group founder, who was Julian Arthur.


  1. do you just turn up with your child for cubs we have a 8 year old daughter and maybe her friend and do you pay for first time and how much thanks

  2. Good morning. A couple of months back we emailed about my son Harry starting cubs . I was told to bring him along Monday 12th September. Does he need to bring anything at all? And what should he wear? And also what times is it on please? Sorry but I unfortunately cant find our original emails!
    Thank you look forward to meeting you all
    Jenny Fairhurst

    • Hi Jenny – Thanks for your query. For an aswer to this your best bet would be to contact Andy Pickersgill (the overall leader for the Scouts Cubs and Beavers at I am sorry that I cannot be much more help than this. However, if you you let me know your phone number I will get Andy to call you. ]

      Many thanks
      Steve Langford
      Serpentine Road Family church

  3. Hi I would like my son to join beavers, can you tell me the waiting lists / times / days and price. Xx

    • Hi Lucy – Thanks for your inquiry – I am afraid that I cannot answer your query – however, if you contact 12 Wallasey Scouts (this includes Beavers) via their website I am sure that they will be able to give you all the information you require. The web address for contacting the 12 Wallasey Scouts is – I hope this helps – Steve Langford – Minister Serpentine Road Family CHurch

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